mardi 10 décembre 2019

Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

My new collaboration with Dior - Glad to be part at a such amazing project
Thanks @dior #jadior ❤️
@NamsaLeuba is no stranger to Dior collaborations, having put her stamp on the #DiorLadyArt. Today, she steps behind the camera for #DiorMagazine, lensing the #DiorCruise 2020 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri and exploring contrasts between African architecture and the richness of the motifs created by @Uniwaxciv. ⁠⠀#namsaleuba

©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020
©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

lundi 21 octobre 2019

A glitch in the system deconstructing stereotypes - Photo Vogue festival

Glad to show my work « illusions » Tahiti at Photo Vogue festival in Milano 💋🙌🏽🌴many thanks at Alessia Glaviano, Francesca Marani and all the team #photovogueitalia #namsaleuba #illusions #tahiti #frenchpolynesia #photo #vogue #magazine #italia

©Namsa Leuba "illusions"

Gauguin' s strange, beautiful and exploitive portraits - BBC

Namsa Leuba talking about her Gauguin inspiration with BBC News...
Her photographic portraits series entitled "Illusions – The Myth of the Vahine Through Gender Dysphoria" is to be discovered on Notre Dame / Our Lady Exhibition until October 27th !

©Namsa Leuba "illusions" - BBC

Vivid portraits shine light on Tahiti's 'third gender - CNN interview

©Namsa Leuba - CNN

jeudi 19 septembre 2019

The New Black Vanguard

 *** Glad to be part of this group show and book “The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion” - Antwaun Sargent & Aperture NYC @aperturefnd

Artists featured include: @campbelladdy; @ariellebobbwillis; @micaiahcarter; @awolerizku; @nadineijewere; @quillemons; @namsaleuba; @renellaice; @tylersphotos; @jamalaun; @iamdanielobasi; @ruthossaistudio; @adrienneraquel; @danascruggs; @stephen.tayo; Designer: Life of the Mind @marklifeofthemin