vendredi 13 août 2021

Exhibition 2021

1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair, London (UK)

- 6th edition of the Photo Vogue Festival, Milan (IT)
- RegardsCroisés "Afrique de l'Ouest", Ouagadougou (BF)
- Festival de photographie Alt.+1000 (CH)
- Mutantes. Les femmes dans les collections, Musée d’art et d’histoire de   Neuchâtel (CH)
- Photo London (UK)
- The New Black Vanguard, Aperture, Les rencontres d'Arles (FR)

mercredi 19 août 2020

Illusion - The Myth of the Vahiné through gender Disphorya


Illusion - The Myth of the Vahiné through gender Disphorya

LIVE NOW until - October 7, 2020

Swiss Guinean Photographer Namsa Leuba is back for another exhibition with Boogie-Wall following the group exhibition Notre dame / Our Lady in fall 2019.

For the first time the artist’s work has been digitalised to offer you a virtual exhibition included some unseen works from her recent project, Illusion.

The Serie Illusion, was created in Tahiti and inspired by the paintings of Paul Gauguin and “tropical” images in Modern art, which occupy the Western collective unconscious.
This type of imagery casts the Polynesian woman as beautiful, desirable, subservient, and connected to the natural environment.
This myth of the “vahine”, as Polynesian women are referred to, is historically rooted in the West’s search for the “original” and “authentic”, which was thought to be found in far away cultures, with a connection between the body, soul and land.

The subjects in Leuba’s contemporary portraits act out their role of the “vahine”, yet through non-binary definitions of gender conformity. Her sitters are known in Tahiti as “Mahu” (an effeminate man) or “rae rae” (transgender).
Leuba stages the fictional narratives with a painterly sensibility. The models distinguish themselves with colorful cosmetics and body paint, creating a surreal sense of beauty and strangeness. They blend into nature, like creatures between myth and reality. They symbolize their identity through the incarnation of the spirit, by the image beyond the confines of the body.

We invite you to immerse yourself for a memorable virtual exhibition experience, by clicking the link below!

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mardi 10 décembre 2019

Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

My new collaboration with Dior - Glad to be part at a such amazing project
Thanks @dior #jadior ❤️
@NamsaLeuba is no stranger to Dior collaborations, having put her stamp on the #DiorLadyArt. Today, she steps behind the camera for #DiorMagazine, lensing the #DiorCruise 2020 collection by @MariaGraziaChiuri and exploring contrasts between African architecture and the richness of the motifs created by @Uniwaxciv. ⁠⠀#namsaleuba

©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020
©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

©Namsa Leuba for Dior Cruise 2020

lundi 21 octobre 2019

A glitch in the system deconstructing stereotypes - Photo Vogue festival

Glad to show my work « illusions » Tahiti at Photo Vogue festival in Milano 💋🙌🏽🌴many thanks at Alessia Glaviano, Francesca Marani and all the team #photovogueitalia #namsaleuba #illusions #tahiti #frenchpolynesia #photo #vogue #magazine #italia

©Namsa Leuba "illusions"

Gauguin' s strange, beautiful and exploitive portraits - BBC

Namsa Leuba talking about her Gauguin inspiration with BBC News...
Her photographic portraits series entitled "Illusions – The Myth of the Vahine Through Gender Dysphoria" is to be discovered on Notre Dame / Our Lady Exhibition until October 27th !

©Namsa Leuba "illusions" - BBC