dimanche 26 octobre 2014

Nicolas Hayek center Swatch group at Tokyo

Maad Art direction Ecal
Feel free to come see
our exhibition at Nicolas Hayek center at Tokyo
on Saturday 25th October from 17h to 21
©namsa leuba

©namsa leuba

lundi 20 octobre 2014


Exhibit my work
- 15 to 19 October 2014 - 
London, UK

AFRO-POLIS is pleased to invite international tastemakers, African dandies and cool kids to a 5 day event, in true celebration of the African touch. 

The African Renaissance

The visitor are introducted to the Affogbolos, a fictitious young couple from Lagos, Nigeria. Kolade Affogbolo is an architect and hsi wife, Remi, who originalily hails from Angola, is a lawyer. Well-travelled, passionate about Art, design and culture, this modern and discerning couple embodies the values and aesthetics of their generation. The visitors are invited into their dining room to experience up close and personal how they live. Food is a fundemental human necessity, essential to the sustenance of the body, and at the same time, it is a fantastic way to experience and apprehend someone's culture. Deep social and cultural meanings are embedded within our everyday food practices and for most cultures, the dining room is the catalyst of that experience. The African Renaissance will explore the socialogical and aesthetic dynamics at the heart of the modern Pan-African way of life, as they translate through Food, Art and Design. 
Curated by Pierre-Christophe, the participating artists include:
Barthelemy Toguo, (1967,Cameroon/France), Pierre-Christophe Gam (1983,Cameroon/Tchad/France); Baudouin Mouanda (1981, Congo), Namsa Leuba (1982, Guinea/Switzerland), Cyrus Kabiru (1985, Kenya), Cheick Diallo (1960, Mali); Yinka Ilori (1987, Nigeria / London), Eric Pina (1978, Senegal).